Students Help
Whiteboard Courseware System v1.0.3
This module allows student user addition, deletion, modification, and sorting; batch student user addition, deletion, and addition; grade entry by student, assignment, and individual grade; and view and download of entire-course grades.
Related Modules
Visitors: may not view module
Students: may view student list without any grades, may sort by student attributes
Staff: full access, including sorting by grades
Administrators: full access, including sorting by grades
Miscellaneous Details
There is no conflict if an administrator or staff member is added as a student.
The student sort is stored and affects any place where students are listed.
Grades are not locked when they are accessed for editing; if two people edit the same grade at the same time, the last value submitted will be the stored grade.
Batch student addition modifies students if they already exist. It requires a text file in the same format as the entire-course grades file (one student per line, assignments in same order).
Batch student deletion requires a text file with one netid per line. Lines from the entire-course grades file may be used (rest of line after netid is ignored).
Value Details
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
NetIDnetidstring [varchar(8) not null]long text linenone1 character8 charactersyesMay only contain alphanumeric [_A-Za-z] characters.
Last Namelast_namestring [varchar(80) not null]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
First Namefirst_namestring [varchar(80) not null]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
Middle Namemiddle_namestring [varchar(80)]long text linenone0 characters80 charactersno 
Class Yearclass_yearnumber [smallint(4)]short text linenone099yesNumbers less than 10 displayed with leading zero.
Preceptpreceptnumber [smallint]short text line00noneyes 
Numeric Gradenumeric_gradenumber [decimal(7,4) zerofill]NAnone0noneyes 
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes