Staff Help
Whiteboard Courseware System v1.0.3
This module allows course staff addition, deletion, and modification. Both types of staff members have the same permissions; the distinction between professors and teaching assistants exists purely for convenience.
Related Modules
Visitors: may view staff list
Students: may view staff list
Staff: full access
Administrators: full access
Miscellaneous Details
An administrator must add at least the first staff member for a course. After that, an existing staff member for the course may add the rest.
There is no conflict if an administrator is added as a staff member.
Value Details
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
NetIDnetidstring [varchar(8) not null]long text linenone1 character8 charactersyesMay only contain alphanumeric [_A-Za-z] characters.
Last Namelast_namestring [varchar(80) not null]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
First Namefirst_namestring [varchar(80) not null]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
Statustypenumber [tinyint]select box001yes0 => "Professor", 1 => "Teaching Assistant"
This only determines which table the user shows up in; the permissions are identical.
Officeofficestring [varchar(80)]long text linenone0 characters80 charactersno 
Office Hoursoffice_hoursstring [varchar(80)]long text linenone0 characters80 charactersno 
Preceptspreceptsstring [varchar(20)]short text linenone0 characters20 charactersno 
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes