Administrators Help
Whiteboard Courseware System v1.0.3
This module allows administrator user addition, deletion, and modification.
Related Modules
Visitors: may not view module
Students: may not view module
Staff: may view administrator list
Administrators: full access
Miscellaneous Details
If no administrative users exist, the one specified in setup.php will be created the first time that the administrators page is accessed.
Value Details
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
NetIDnetidstring [varchar(8) not null]long text linenone1 character8 charactersyesMay only contain alphanumeric [_A-Za-z] characters.
Last Namelast_namestring [varchar(80) not null]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
First Namefirst_namestring [varchar(80) not null]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
Officeofficestring [varchar(80)]long text linenone0 characters80 charactersno 
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes