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To-Do List
Current To-Do List
  • List students' names and precepts when entering grades
  • More extensive documentation
  • Diffentiation between when 'Back' button should and should not be used (for input errors)
  • Automatically store default course options and assignment submission options in case user does not bother to click 'Submit' again
  • API for doing most of what current version does from other scripts
  • Framework for adding modules and making them available on a per-course basis (also separating much of the existing version into modules that can be easily removed and/or hidden)
  • Custom entry point on a per-course basis
  • Language-in-a-file for ease of translation
  • XHTML/CSS and XSL templates (get all of that HTML out of the PHP code and allow users to easily change Whiteboard's look)
  • New look that is less grayscale and has a smaller logo (?)
  • Support for other databases (?)
  • Transition to a group-oriented structure (courses are groups, can have sub-groups, other organizations can also be groups, groups can have arbitrary names and orderings)
  • More flexible permissions structure (related to groups structure)
  • Ability to send e-mail to specific users, users by user class and user group (course), and combinations of the above (subject to permissions, of course)
  • Store user information globally instead of on a course-by-course basis
  • Ability to assign grades to students' assignments on the Submitted Assignments page
  • Ability to upload corrected versions of assignments (or other files) and provide assignment feedback on the Submitted Assignments page
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