Documents Help
Whiteboard Courseware System v1.0.3
This module allows document and document directory addition, deletion, and modification. Documents may either uploaded files or links, and may be arranged in, and moved between, an arbitrarily-deep directory structure.
Related Modules
Course Browsing, Course Options, Announcements, and Sidebar Links
Visitors: may view documents
Students: may view documents
Staff: full access
Administrators: full access
Miscellaneous Details
The course options allow documents to be displayed in either compact or announcement style.
To edit an existing document, staff and administrators should follow the document link. They may access the document itself from the edit-document page.
Uploaded documents are stored in a directory structure exactly matching the viewable directory structure.
Value Details
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
Document IDidnumber [int not null auto_increment]NAnone0noneyes 
Link Textnamestring [varchar(80)]long text linenone0 characters80 charactersno 
Typetypenumber [tinyint]select box001yes 
Filefilestringfile upload boxnone0 characters200 charactersnoBecomes document if type is 0 (File).
Linklinkstringlong text linenone0 characters200 charactersnoBecomes document if type is 1 (Link).
Documentdocumentstring [varchar(200) not null]NAnone1 character200 charactersyesMust not match Perl-style regular expression /\Aold\Z/.
Directorydirnumber [int]select boxnonenonenoneyes 
NetIDnetidstring [varchar(8) not null]NAnone1 character8 charactersyesMay only contain alphanumeric [_A-Za-z] characters.
File Sizefilesizenumber [int]NAnone0nonenoEmpty values replaced with -1.
File Typefiletypestring [varchar(80)]NAnone0 characters80 charactersno 
Date Posteddatetimestamp [int]NAnoneNANAyes 
Commentcommentstring [text]text areanone0 charactersnonenoAllows multiple lines.
No more than 80 characters per line.
May contain anchor (a), bold (b), emphasis/italics (em), and underline (u) HTML tags.
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes 
Document Directories
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
Directory IDidnumber [int not null auto_increment]NAnone0noneyes 
Directory Namenamestring [varchar(80) not null]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyesMust not match Perl-style regular expression /\Aold\Z/.
Parent Directoryparentnumber [int]select box-1nonenoneyes 
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes