Course Browsing, Course Options, Announcements, and Sidebar Links Help
Whiteboard Courseware System v1.0.3
This module allows the adding, editing, and deleting of departments, courses, and sidebar links; the migrating of courses from one semester to another; the adding and deleting of announcements; and the editing of course options. It is also the main course browsing module.
Related Modules
Framed External Links
Affiliated Courses
Visitors: may view course listing
Students: may view course listing
Staff: may add, edit, and delete sidebar links; edit course options; and add and delete announcements
Administrators: full access
Miscellaneous Details
All course files are stored in easy-to-navigate subdirectories of the courses directory specified in setup.php.
Migrating courses maintains documents, assignments and their options, assignment categories and their options, discussion boards (but clears the messages), sidebar links, professors, and (optionally) teaching assistants.
Value Details
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
Message IDidnumber [int not null auto_increment]NAnone0noneyes 
Date Posteddatetimestamp [int unsigned not null]NAnoneNANAyes 
NetIDnetidstring [varchar(8) not null]NAnone1 character8 charactersyesMay only contain alphanumeric [_A-Za-z] characters.
Subjectsubjectstring [varchar(80) not null]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
Messagebodylong text line [text not null]text areanoneNANAyesMay contain anchor (a), bold (b), emphasis/italics (em), and underline (u) HTML tags.
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes 
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
Departmentdepartmentstring [char(3) not null]short text linenone3 characters3 charactersyesMay only contain capital letters.
Namenamestring [varchar(80)]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
Home Pagehomepagestring [varchar(200) not null]long text linenone0 characters200 charactersno 
Courses Home Pagecourselinkstring [varchar(200) not null]long text linenone0 characters200 charactersno__SEMESTER__ and __COURSENUMBER__ are replaced with the proper values.
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes 
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
Departmentdepartmentstringselect boxnone3 characters3 charactersyesMay only contain capital letters.
Numbercoursenumber [int not null]short text linenone0noneyes 
Semestersemesterstringlong text linenone1 characternoneyesMust match Perl-style regular expression /\A(?:(?:fall)|(?:spring))\d{2}\Z/.
Titlenamestring [varchar(80)]long text linenone1 character80 charactersyes 
Alias (Cross-Listed Course)is_aliasboolean [tinyint]checkboxno01yes 
Alias Departmentalias_departmentstring [char(3) not null]select boxnone3 characters3 charactersnoMay only contain capital letters.
Alias Course Numberalias_numbernumber [int not null]short text linenone0nonenoEmpty values replaced with -1.
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes 
Course Options
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
Numbercoursenumber [int not null]NAnone0noneyes 
Table Border Colortablebordercolorhex color [char(6)]hex color000000000000FFFFFFyes 
Table Top Colortabletopcolorhex color [char(6)]hex colorC0C0C0000000FFFFFFyes 
Table Bottom Colortablebottomcolorhex color [char(6)]hex colorD3D3D3000000FFFFFFyes 
Table Color 1tablecolor1hex color [char(6)]hex colorFFFFFF000000FFFFFFyes 
Table Color 2tablecolor2hex color [char(6)]hex colorF0F0F0000000FFFFFFyes 
Error Colorerrorcolorhex color [char(6)]hex colorFF0000000000FFFFFFyes 
Message Colormessagecolorhex color [char(6)]hex color000000000000FFFFFFyes 
Decimal Placesfloatroundnumber [tinyint]select box324yes 
Histogram Typehistogramsnumber [tinyint]select box203yes 
Default Announcements Historyannouncementshistorynumber [tinyint]select box103yes0 => "Last 7 Days", 1 => "Last 30 Days", 2 => "All Announcements"
Announcement-style Documentsannouncementstyledocumentsboolean [tinyint]checkboxno01yes 
Hide Numeric Grade From Studentshidenumericgradeboolean [tinyint]checkboxno01yesStudents never see other students' grades.
This hides students' numeric grades in the grades module.
Grades Messagegradesmessagestring [text]text areanone0 charactersnonenoAllows multiple lines.
No more than 80 characters per line.
Sidebar Links
ItemInternal NameDatabase TypeForm TypeDefaultMinimumMaximumRequiredMiscellaneous
Sidebar Link IDidnumber [int not null auto_increment]NAnone0noneyes 
Link Textnamestring [varchar(25) not null]long text linenone1 character25 charactersyes 
Linklinkstring [varchar(200) not null]long text linenone1 character200 charactersyes 
Open in Frameframeboolean [tinyint]checkboxno01yes 
Open in New Windownewwindowboolean [tinyint]checkboxno01yes 
Deleteddeletednumber [tinyint]NA001yes