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Whiteboard Courseware System
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Whiteboard is a fully-featured and -integrated courseware system, targeted toward colleges and universities. It supports multiple departments and courses (including cross-listed courses); simple migration of courses to new semesters; grade storage, checking, and calculation; assignment submission and testing, and submitted assignment retrieval; documents; announcements; and discussion boards. It is written in PHP with a MySQL back-end, and is fully administrable through its web interface.
Whiteboard is distributed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.
And now, what you really wanted... the demo. When you need to log in, use username "demo" and password "demo". Note that this server is sometimes rather slow during peak browsing times and after new releases, so if you are having trouble using the demo please try again later or download it and play with it on your own server.
Current Version
The latest version of Whiteboard is v1.0.3, released August 8, 2003. This release fixes a few minor bugs in v1.0.2. All Whiteboard users are encouraged to upgrade. See readme for details.
Whiteboard may be downloaded from the SourceForge.net project site. Support for user authentication from a local password file may be found in the Code Discussion public discussion board on the SourceForge.net project page.
Get Involved
Whiteboard is at a critical stage in its development. Especially if you have first-hand experience with educational courseware in an administrative, teaching, or student capacity, or if you just like the idea of creating a viable open-source alternative in what is a predominately closed-source area of software, get involved and help plan (and write) the future of this project. Useful qualities include general knowledge of educational courseware and its usage; and skills in PHP programming, MySQL and other databases, graphics and web design, documentation, and project planning and management. See contact info below.
Send bug reports, comments, and suggestions to . Also email if your school would like to be included in a future list of schools using Whiteboard.